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ray ban uk contact details If I can, I want a Rainbow umbrella , red orange yellow green blue purple , the colors , different moods , gorgeous colors, wonderful life.

- Inscription

If I can, I hope I will have a seven-color rainbow umbrella as beautiful colors , seven colors will be wearing rainbow aura , so, even if the sky does not rain , I can see a rainbow . Often wondered why you can see the rainbow after the rain, but why say it ? Why can not appear in bright rainbow heaven ? ray ban uk contact details Why did she have to experience the beauty of sadness ?

If I can, I want my seven-color umbrella in a cloudless blue sky , changing into a seven-color clouds , sunny smile , the breeze blowing through the roof , with my freedom to fly with me to look at live in the moon in the Chang-e girl. I just want to know where the day will not be like me fairies love to dream ? Will not like me , face life both surprise and wander ?

If I can, I hope I will have a seven-color umbrella , like Brisk winds posture, it will be in a blink of an instant , flying over the four seasons of life with me , I tasted the bitter with the sweet life , ray ban uk contact details so that when I go at the crossroads , will then no longer a loss ? When I was faced with fetters , will not have to walk slowly on the front line ? When I was in deep worry about the outcome , will no longer sad and confused ?

If I can, I want my seven-color umbrella can always start with a flower smile . Thus , I can safely hide under the umbrella of the arms , even sad, no one will see it. I also hope that my umbrella will never fade, seven colors are always gorgeous, always have bright colors , bright colors, so I can pretend that my life would have been wonderful, I can pretend all the way along the front lines smiled.

I really want that kind of a Rainbow umbrella , a happy or sad are with me, never fail the Rainbow umbrella . But they laughed and said I was stupid and said I was dreaming , but only I know , they really just do not understand. Perhaps in reality students live longer , and those who have heart colorful color slowly faded into drab black and white ; perhaps by acquisitiveness smoked eyes ray ban uk contact details , they have done a fantastic sight , only to see a naked world .

Such a stark world , I see some garish . Although the glass wall is bright , but it may be too bright under the sun , with a ruthless tough , so cold, I do not like ; although Crystal Palace is gorgeous , the only people who live there can appreciate difficulties can not breathe , will ask themselves why would bent to go ray ban uk contact details ; although gold cage is fine, which can be caught bird does not agree , if you can start over , they will choose to fly freely blue sky.

The world is always so unwilling to dull , so do not always know how to meet people , and I traveled alone but always so . Then , gradually, I called from the normal track , from the bright road of what they said . On my walk a difficult path , the road suddenly became silent and long, full of flowers that once the banks getting away from my sight, those who have overgrown grass bushes have disappeared , lonely figure, lonely road, the only companionship I just mind that the Rainbow umbrella, with the dream that , with all the good earth Rainbow umbrella .

Drooping night ray ban uk contact details , watched the sky a little bit of ink infiltration pond , I would not be afraid, not afraid of the dark and then swallowed , not because of trouble outside and uneasy , restless and will not face the world know measure it. Suddenly, I had the courage to face life, or those cramped , or anxiety, had disappeared without a trace in the Rainbow umbrella soft radiance , once or tears or laughter or sadness or joy is no longer so important.

Often thought, if I can, I hope that 's a Rainbow umbrella will always accompany me to accompany me through the lonely Love , tasted Liuniansishui frustration with me , with me to find a beautiful bloom season in this winter . If I can, I hope that my life no longer has those sad, life there will not be so many helpless and chaotic, but the rest of the life of a person at ease. If I can, ray ban uk contact details I like to use my life in exchange for that two-thirds of one-third of tranquility.

Now, since I hold the pen, but I do not know how writing Love. When everyone is trying to pull me back in reality , when the dream drip continues her beauty, I do not know how to choose . However, I have to say ray ban uk contact details , if you can, please let me finish Rainbow umbrella dream it, if time permits, please let me dream world in more than one second to be right, if I only could, please let me take the Rainbow umbrella continue on the road , alone pondered it.